How To Get Marshmello Skin In Fortnite

It seems like Epic Games have have teamed up with Marshmello to bring us an awesome event. You are able to participate in it via the challenges to get some cool stuff. The Marshmello skin has also just dropped in the item shop which comes at 1,500 v-bucks! You have come to the right place, because in this guide, we will cover a quick legitimate method on how you can unlock it in your Fortnite inventory without spending any. That’s right, absolutely free!

marshmello skin event

Can I get the skin from the Showtime challenges?

Unfortunately, you will not be rewarded the skin itself once you attempt to complete the challenges. The skin is only available for purchase. You will unlock some other cool rewards though so that’s something and you should go for it! With the method we are about to share with you, not only you will be able to unlock the skin gratis, but you will be able to do so even when the skin goes away from the item shop! How cool is that.

How do I unlock the Marshmello skin for free?

As mentioned above, you can obtain the skin using this method even after its gone from the daily shop. You will be participating in a giveaway which in exchange will provide you with a code for the Marshmello skin and it’s available for everyone! You can do so by going to the website below which will only require you to input your username. No need to provide any sensitive information such as your account’s password.

Is it safe to use this?

Firstly – and quite simply – its a giveaway which means you are not risking your Fortnite account whatsoever. The website isn’t asking for your credentials and neither to download anything on your computer and it’s SSL encrypted! You are also able to check it out from your mobile device or anywhere. Forgot to mention, this also works on any platform the game is available on as long as your Epic Games account is linked to it. Once you unlock it in your account, you will have it everywhere.

Furthermore, if you already own the skin then make sure to check out our free v-bucks guide in order to get yourself one of the cool emotes or the glider! 😀

See you soon folks!

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