How To Get Galaxy Skin – Free Fortnite Skins

Earlier this year, Samsung released their new phone device – the Galaxy Note 9 and everyone who purchased it had the chance to obtain 15,000 V-Bucks along with the exclusive Galaxy Fortnite Skin.

As most of you probably believe, the only way you can obtain this skin for free is if you purchase the Note 9 or Tab S4, however there is a workaround for that and you can get the skin totally for free without owning neither of the devices. You read that right! In these free Fortnite skins series, I will be introducing you into several ways on how to unlock awesome skins for free starting with the Galaxy skin!

How To Get The Galaxy Skin Without Having A Samsung Device

Simply navigate to the following website and participate by entering your Epic Games username. You would have to complete a short verification in order to confirm you are human. If you do everything correctly you will be redirected back at the website and you will get yourself a code which you can use in order to redeem the Galaxy skin for free!

As the website says, you are able to use it once per 24 hours, so make sure your details are correct! This is made for everyone that wants to get the skin for free but simply does not own any of the Samsung devices that are able to get you the skin. They surely should have made it available for the phones which the Fortnite Android beta is available on but oh well. Let’s enjoy this fabulous workaround and our free Galaxy skin!

When you get the code, you can simply redeem it in your Epic Games account. For instance, on PC you are able to claim your codes upon launching the game by clicking under your username. Once redeemed, you will have it available on all devices that you play the game on, how cool is that! I mean if you have your Epic Games account linked to it that is! 

It is that easy, folks! No need to purchase a new phone in order to get the skin! 😀

Is it safe?

Yes, this is simply a giveaway and it is totally legal and you are not risking your Epic account whatsoever – as you can see, the website itself is not asking for your password credentials or anything, lol.

Of course, if you do happen to own the Note 9 or Tab S4 you are encourage to redeem the skin as it explained on their official website here. It seems like all you have to do is login and play three matches through your device.

Nonetheless, if you don’t need this skin or already have it but want to get vbucks to purchase the current available skins in the shop then make sure to check our free v-bucks guide!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and your new Galaxy skin! Stay tuned for more free skins and Fortnite content. Farewell for now!

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