How To Get Honor Guard Skin Free In Fortnite

The magnificent Honor Guard skin is now available to Fortnite players due to the partnership between Epic Games and Huawei. This indicates that you have to purchase their device in order to have it. It is pretty much the same as the Galaxy skin promotion which will be ongoing until March! You might be surprised to know, but there is a completely legitimate method to obtain the Honor Guard skin for free as well. It does not involve the primary obvious way and it’s neither impossible to do so. It also won’t cost you anything, most certainly no need to buy a new phone!

How to get the Honor Guard Skin?

Honor Guard Skin Free Get Started

As you are probably aware, the promotion is only available for those who are willing to buy the device. You can also go into your local store that has the phone, install and play Fortnite until the required games are complete and then simply walk out with the skin, haha. This is going to be kind of a time consuming task though which will most likely bring suspicion into the eyes of the employees around. As we pointed out, we are here to discuss an actual quick and fast method that will get you Honor Guard for free – like a skin code generator!

honor guard unlocked free

How does this work?

You can participate by navigating to the website below. You will be required to provide your Epic Games username and most probably answer a few questions depending on where you are from. With that information in mind, it might not work for everyone. It is still worth to give it a shot though!

The website is fully web based and it will not require you to download anything and neither to give out any sensitive information such as your account credentials. In case players have the skin in their inventory already, they will receive a bunch of v-bucks instead. You know what that means, right?

Is this safe?

Yes, this is a completely safe and alternative method to obtain the skin. It does not involve any illegal activity as it is simply a giveaway website which provides you with the code for the skin. Needless to say, it might not be forever around but it’s an outstanding website as it will always give you the skin! I sent it to most of my friends and they were able to unlock the skin by using this in a matter of minutes.

Surely if you have the Honor phone or you are willing to purchase it, we encourage you to use the official website or simply give it to a friend!

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