Hay Day Hack – Free Diamonds and Coins

Some people always stay curious about how rural life works, how people live on farms and what they do. It might not be possible for a person living in urban society to experience all that in reality, but he highly popular game Hay Day has made it possible for you to experience running and owning a farm virtually. 

Hay Day is an online farm simulator from the company Supercell, proud developers of the famous Clash of Clans. The game allows you to make buildings, buy and feed animals and sell their wool, milk, etc. in the market. You can also grow various crops on your farm and later sell them on the market or use them to produce food and goods for your animals and farm. 

The game requires you to have coins and diamonds in order to make some in-game purchases. Coins can usually be earned by selling out stuff on your farm, but diamonds are harder to earn. However, they can be bought using real money. 

Like most games, Hay Day has hacks too. Hence, if you are tired of spending your personal money on your virtual farm and are looking to get your hands on endless Hay Day free diamonds and coins, this article is for you. We have compiled various ways of hacking the game so that you can get as many diamonds and coins as you like and make your farm the biggest and the best.

The Hay Day Hack

The first Hay Day hack is based online on this website here:

click here to access

Simply open the website, enter your Hay Day username, your mobile platform (i.e., iOS or Android) and choose the desired number of coins and diamonds that you want. After you have filled out the form, click on ‘Generate Now,’ complete the captcha verification, choose any one survey out of the three given, and upon completion of that survey, all the resources will be transferred to your account for free. 

Some features of this online Hay Day Hack tool include the following: 

  • Super-fast and safe generator
  • Support for both Android and iOS
  • Doesn’t require any rooting or jailbreaking
  • Doesn’t require any installation
  • Completely free from ads and viruses
  • Protected from Hay Day bans
  • Trusted throughout the world by thousands of players
  • Diamonds and coins don’t have any transfer limit 
access hay day generator

How Does The Hay Day Hack Work?

In every game, a particular sequence of bytes determines the number of resources like diamonds and coins. What this hacking tool does is that it alters the sequence in a way that all the resources will increase by 9999 on entering any amount. This process can be repeated again if you want more resources. 

Other Methods for Hacking

We have already mentioned the easiest way to increase your resources by using the website that we have shared. Apart from that, there are several other ways to earn diamonds and coins that can be used in the game. 

Hack to Earn Diamonds

Logging into Hay Day from your Facebook account will automatically give you 5 free diamonds. After reaching the 24th level, you can also mine for diamonds in the game. From the 27th level, you can fish for diamonds. For that, you will need to take the boat and catch fish. A bronze fish will get you one diamond, a silver one will get you two free diamonds, and a gold fish will get you three diamonds. 

You can also earn diamonds from completing various achievements spread throughout the course of the game. We will list down a few achievements for your ease so that you can jump straight into completing them:

  • Completing 20, 500 or 2000 truck deliveries – earns you 1, 2 or 3 diamonds 
  • Selling 200, 500 or 2500 goods to visitors – earns you 1, 2 or 3 diamonds 
  • Selling 12, 600 or 3600 eggs from your chickens – earns you 1, 2 or 3 diamonds 
  • Collecting 20, 300 or 1800 milk jugs from your goats – earns you 1, 2 or 3 diamonds
  • Selling 10, 200 or 1500 bacon strips from your pigs – earns you 1, 2 or 3 diamonds 
  • Building 10, 15 or 20 production buildings – earns you 1, 2 or 3 diamonds

These were some of the many achievements that you can get in the game, which will earn you diamonds. By completing all these achievements, you can earn a total of 465 diamonds for free. 

Free diamonds are also sometimes given when you level up, so make sure you keep earning those XP points because they can prove to be extremely crucial. 

You can also watch trailers whenever you find a movie ticket because that can reward you with diamonds as well. Random mystery boxes also contain diamonds sometimes, so make sure you don’t leave any unopened. 

Hack to Earn Coins/Gold

To earn coins easily, you need to buy a new slot at the roadside shop. Then, you have to sell five wood pieces to a farmer. You will receive 500,000 gold after the wood is sold. Keep in mind that this hack can only be used one time in the game. You can also buy items in bulk from the newspaper and sell them later individually. 

You can also use a process called ‘wheating’ to earn coins easily and quickly. Just grow all wheat crops on your farm and sell each stack for 1 coin or 10 stacks for 10 coins. Wheat grows fast, so it can be sold quickly, earning you coins easily. 


Hay Day is a game that requires a lot of attention to small details related to your business. You need to be considerate of the fact that resources can run out faster than they are earned, so make sure you use them accordingly and, more importantly, wisely. Using the tips and tricks that we have mentioned above, you will not run out of precious diamonds and coins anytime soon.

Should you have any issues or questions – post below or shoot us an e-mail!

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