How To Get Royale Bomber Skin For Free

We’ve all seen the amazing Royale Bomber skin and most of you know how rare it is at the moment. In order to unlock it, you would have to purchase the PlayStation 4 Limited Bundle which at the moment is out of stock from most of the market. If you happen to find it somewhere, it would be priced a lot higher than its normal price. It also wouldn’t be worth it to spend that much money just to unlock the Royale Bomber skin and especially if you already own the console.

There is however a workaround which you can apply and unlock the Royale Bomber skin for free in your Epic Games account. It doesn’t matter which console you play on as in this tutorial I will be showing you a method on how to obtain a code for the skin for free.

This would mean once you redeem the skin in your account, you will be able to play with it on your favorite platform of choice, as long as you’ve linked your Epic account to it! If you haven’t done that yet, then you should!

How to get the Royale Bomber Skin for free?

As mentioned previously, we will be aiming to receive a code for the Royale Bomber skin without purchasing the console bundle. In fact, totally free.

You can participate in a giveaway that will provide you with the code for the Royale Bomber skin and the best part is – it works 100% of the time! 

You can also get several codes and get 3000 vbucks on top as you would be already owning the skin so that’s pretty awesome! It might not work for all countries though, it depends on where you’re from.

Is it safe?

It sure is! You’re only participating in a giveaway after all. Your account would also be safe as you’re not providing your password or downloading anything. Give it a try! 

So there you have it everyone, a working method to get the Royale Bomber free in Fortnite without actually buying the bundle, how cool is that? 

You might also be already owning the console, but also don’t forget you can get 3,000 vbucks instead by just redeeming this code! You can also check out our free guide where we discuss plenty of methods on how to get them for free! See you soon and enjoy your free skin!

Make sure to also stay tuned for the upcoming free Fortnite skin series!

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