Creative Destruction Hack – Free Diamonds

The survival game has recently gained lots of popularity and needless to say, it’s indeed a fun game. Lots of stuff to be done and can keep you busy for several hours! As many others, the main revenue model is in-game currency and this one is no exception. Since you are here, you are probably looking for a Creative Destruction hack to obtain the so mentioned resources. In this article, we will be sharing the real method to gain free diamonds, gold and even starcoins in the game!

What’s this about?

You will constantly need gold and starcoins in Creative Destruction to survive and purchase resources. Those can be weapons, character upgrades and of course – new shiny skins. You can earn them but that’s time consuming and rather hard. You are also able to purchase diamonds with real money which isn’t in our best interest in this case and not really a free method. This is why we can use a generator in order to obtain them for free! You are most probably interested in the diamonds and trust me, you can get so much that they will last you for a life time! Well, until you decide to stop playing the game that is.

How do I access the CoC hack?

First and foremost, the Creative Destruction hack does not allow you to generate unlimited diamonds! It would be technically impossible and if you manage somehow to do so, it would raise a red flag for the administrators and get your account banned pretty quickly. The following tool has a different principle and lets you unlock lots of diamonds, coins and starcoins for absolutely free. Not unlimited but satisfyingly enough, trust me!

Simply navigate to the website, provide your username, choose the region you are playing from and then use the slider for the corresponding resource in order to select how many you wish to have! You will then be prompted to select the platform you play the game on. This works on all of them – Android, iOS and Windows!

As you have probably already noticed, the Creative Destruction hack is working from the web page above which means you are not required to download anything and it’s all done online! You are also not needed to provide your account’s password or any other sensitive information but just your username. Once you are done, you will receive the selected loot in about 5 to 10 minutes. Keep in mind, there is a 24 hours limit.

That being said, this is the only and unique working method to obtain free stuff in Creative Destruction. You don’t need to jailbreak/root your device and I absolutely love it. Check it out and happy playing!

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Free diamonds yay! i love this site and coc <3